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The existing website looked outdated, and did not properly represent GBCSGroup's vision for the future 5-10+ years from now.

- Jesus Paredes
- Team of 8 other designers
- Lead UI/UX Designer
- UI/UX Designer
- Graphic Designers
August 2023- November 2023



GBCSGroup is a Fleet management software & consulting company. GBCSGroup's primary target users include company's across all levels who need fleet software for assets such as trucks, vehicles, electric-vehicles (EV), drones, marine ships, construction vehicles and equipment, trains, and much more!

The Goal

Ideate and redesign the GBCSGroup website so it can properly portray its vision for the future of fleets, and fleet management software, while improving user experience and adhering to WCAG Guidelines.


Organizing team meetings • Site Mapping • Digital Wireframing • Low and High-fidelity Prototyping • Accounting for Accessibility • Iterating on Designs • Determining Information Architecture • Responsive design • Analyzing Quantitative Data

my approach as lead

Meeting and Understanding the Team
As the lead I wanted to get to know everybody on my team better, as I love building healthy relationships. I began by asking the team to fill out a template shared with them in google slides.

This idea later became a company policy moving forward when observed by stakeholders during a meeting.
Facilitating meetings and feedback

As the lead I wanted to let everyone know their voices are heard and to always voice their opinions. After weekly meetings on Fridays, for any questions that we needed more time to think about I would create a google form and listed the questions there and we'd choose on things to go forward with as a team to discuss more on Mondays meetings.

Design System

I developed a design system assets tab that had every conceivable piece of work the team had created as early on I noticed my team and I had trouble finding images previously used and remembering which font or colors to specifically use. Minor issues that over time delayed work or caused frustrations within the team so it became a priority for me to fix this and as a result it improved work production dramatically with nobody missing their tasks anymore after it was made.


Methods Used
Secondary Research • Competitive Analysis  • User Interview • Surveys • Usability Metric Comparison
User Needs
User-Friendly Interface • Responsive Design  • Current and Relevant Content • Engaging Visuals • Competitive Edge
Design Principles
User-Centered Design • Responsive Design  • Simplicity and Clarity• Visual Consistency • Content Relevance • Accessibility
Research Summary

I used GBCSGroup's data and took the size of the team into account to assign different tasks and deadlines for research we needed for insight on how to manage the refinement of the website. I was also in charge of creating files to summarize the analytics from the website and found the most critical points of the website that have the most and least traffic and took that into account for the design as well as the most viewed devices that visit the website.

Why Change the Previous Design?
The previous design was seen as a design that did not properly represent GBCSGroup and it's vision moving forward according to stakeholders, It looked outdated.

The current vision is to create a design that will age well with the years moving forward as technology advances further. GBCSGroup's design should reflect that, as well as portray what it specializes in, and maintain a great user experience, all piled up into one design.
Site Map
To find a good base to help with the starting point of designs, I created the GBCS sitemap. This will help the team and I develop a design that can ensure a consistent navigation and provide an easygoing experience. 


Feature Set
Our primary focus was on identifying and defining the core features and functionalities that the revamped website would encompass. We conducted thorough research to understand the specific needs and preferences of our target audience. (businesses involving delivery, transportation, etc) We prioritized these features. Among the essential features were a responsive design to ensure accessibility across devices, an efficient search functionality, and user-friendly navigation to improve the overall user experience.
Task Flow
During the task flow stage, we began mapping out the user journey and interactions within the website. We created detailed task flows that illustrated how users would navigate through the site to accomplish specific goals. This involved considering the sequence of actions, from landing on the homepage to accessing product information, submitting inquiries, or making transactions.
Crazy 8's
During this phase, the team was encouraged to generate a plethora of diverse design concepts within a fixed time frame. The objective was to spur creativity and innovation, resulting in a variety in ideas. Our team explored numerous possibilities, from different layouts, color schemes, and visual elements to pushing the boundaries of typography and unique design elements.
Our wireframes were a bridge between the ideation and actual design, allowing us to try different design concepts and iterate quickly on user feedback. They served as a basis among team members, ensuring that everyone was on the same page for the vision of GBCSGroup. Through wireframing, we were able to create a base that aligned with GBCSGroup's vision, delivering a strong foundation for the upcoming design stages. These wireframes led to a website that not only met, but exceeded the stakeholders' expectations of a sleek, and future-ready website.


The results from the usability study indicate a successful website redesign that not only met the stakeholders' objectives but also significantly improved user experience, engagement, and overall satisfaction. The project has achieved its goals of aligning the website with industry standards, creating a user-friendly interface, and reinforcing GBCSGroup's position as a leader in the fleet management technology sector. Here are the main findings and parameters of the study with accessibility considerations derived from the study.
usability study: Findings

Users want to easily find a clear description of the company and what it does

Users want to be able to notice a tiny change when hovering over a button
Users want the website to be clear to see (no illegible fonts, good contrast ratio)
usability study: Parameters
Study Type
Unmoderated Usability Study
New York, Remote
6 Participants
5-10 Minutes
Accessibility Considerations
Elligible Fonts

Search for fonts that are known to be legible to most users

Fix Contrast
Fix contrast with text and background and ensure ratio of 4.5:1 to help users have less strain on their eyes
Provide more spacing throughout the website so information doesn't appear cluttered

published work

Our Culture Page
My co-worker and I were tasked with just us 2 working on this page as it had top priority while the rest of the team worked on the main project.

After researching, ideating, and drafting some initial designs and animations that would best fit GBCS and the unique futuristic approach it aimed for. My co-worker and I came up with this design that presented the relevant content in an appealing way that has had positive reviews with stakeholders.
View GBCSGroup's Our Culture Page here



During my time at GBCSGroup I implemented a design system that helps all departments, completed rfp's that resulted in successful transactions and introduced a fun template to know the team better which soon became a company policy. Lastly there was an increase in visitors to the website, specifically a yearly high.

What I Learned

The invaluable lessons learned from this experience have not only further solidified my passion for UX design but also showed me what it takes to be an effective leader and has shown me first hand the positive impact it can have on people's lives, reinforcing my commitment to creating solutions that enhance well-being and efficiency.

next steps

Find New Lead

During my final day I had to find a designer willing to become the new lead, and inform them about the responsibilities

Pass Off Info
Share all information and files I have and pass to team drive so it can be stored for use for any department  
Discuss Transition
I met with my team to help them with structuring a team-based continuity plan until a new lead is assigned  

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