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There’s no dating app that gives users who saw each other and never got a chance to form a connection, a chance to do so. 

Jesus Paredes
-Lead product designer
-UX Researcher
April 2023- July 2023



OneStop is a dating app that emphasises a shot at a second chance with someone you have came across who you never got a chance to speak with before you went past each other. 

Profile selected from map pop up from OneStop map sectionOneStop Login/Signup screenOneStop map section
The Goal

Develop an app that users can connect with those strangers they came across throughout their daily life who caught their attention.


Conducting interviews • Competitive audits • User journey maps • Paper and digital wireframing • Low and high-fidelity prototyping • Conducting unmoderated usability studies • Accounting for accessibility • Iterating on designs.

understanding the user

Research Summary
I conducted interviews, competitive audit reports, and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m designing for and their needs. A primary user group identified through research was working adults who use transportation often and don’t have time to stop to socialize. The user group confirmed the problem OneStop provides the solution to. They alluded to often seeing strangers they have wanted to approach but never had the right chance to do so due to time or other factors that factor into a users everyday life such health both phyisically and mentally, and financial situations and how they are dressed at the moment.
User Pain points

Working adults are too busy to stop moving throughout the day to approach every appealing stranger 

User Awareness
Users will pass by one another in other apps and not be told they were both near the same area at one point
Most apps have excess text and hardly show the pictures clearly. Making it a chore for users to see other profiles
Competitive Audit
An audit of a few competitor’s products provided direction on gaps and opportunities to address with the OneStop app
Here's a better look at OneStop's competitive audit
Affinity Diagram
We found very helpful data from our qualitative research methods and then we made an affinity diagram to separate the data into groups of tasks which we further categorized by high level goals for improvement inefficiency, process, depth and familiarity.
Persona 1
Daniella is a busy young adult who never has any time to stop and mingle with anybody she comes across in her daily life, as her career consists of her on the go and never stopping. 
Persona 2
Elijah is a single man who needs assistance in forming meaningful relationships in his life because he is extremely shy and not the type of person who likes to approach others first in person.
User Journey Map
Daniella's user journey map shows how convenient it can be to use OneStop to find someone a user has seen before and connect with them for the user’s desired purpose.

starting the design

Paper Wireframes
Throughout this process I was able to carefully review the designs and decide with the app being a casual app and not an information based one, the design with less text on this main page would make it to the next stage of digital wireframing.
Digital Wireframes
As the initial design continued to be be worked on I would continue to research for the ideal designs based on findings and user reviews
Digital Wireframes Cont.
There was a strict focus on designing an easy to understand map to show where users crossed paths. Through the findings and feedback from users the map design will change
Low-Fidelity Prototype
Using the completed set of digital wireframes, I created a low-fidelity prototype. The primary user flow I connected was the function of checking out a user profile directly from the map to use in a usability study for further improvement.
View OneStop's low-fidelity prototype here
usability study: Parameters
Study Type
Unmoderated Usability Study
New York, Remote
6 Participants
5-10 Minutes
usability study: Findings

Users wanted to be able to find old images they previously generated.

Favorite Section
Users want somewhere where they can view their favorite images.
Users want to be able to share the generated images with friends/ other platforms.

refining the design

Early designs allowed for some customization, but after the usability studies, I revised and added a more detailed map. Following that I added a time limit for users who have crossed paths with others. I also added a radius and the users location marked.
before usability study
after usability study
Mockups Cont.
I wanted to keep the map as simple as possible while improving navigation. I revised the design of the radius to resemble a simpler radius look in map. I added a location at the top of the map, added a target button to find the user in the map, and improved the design and function of the user profiles in the area.
Here's a presentation of the process of the usability studies
before usability study 2
after usability study 2
Profile selected from map pop up from OneStop map section
Finalized mockups
Profile selected from map pop up from OneStop map section
High-Fidelity Prototype
The final high-fidelity prototype presented cleaner user flows for going through user profiles from the home section and the map section while feeling like a real app as It is a very detailed prototype with many interactions and variables beyond the main user flow
View OneStop's high-fidelity prototype here
accessibility considerations

Implement popular icons to help make navigation easier for users

Use colors that contrast well together to provide better visuals for users to see
Implement a hover feature/interactions over buttons for users to distinguish



The app makes users feel like OneStop is personally changing their life with meaningful connections due to the second chances for connections.

What I Learned

While designing the OneStop app, I learned that designing the right version of an app will always take time. Usability studies and peer feedback can help improve each iteration of the app’s designs and that can take some time to set up and analyze. 

next steps

Usability Study

Conduct another round of usability studies to assess if the map feature provides a good user experience

More Research
Conduct more user research and competitor research to determine if OneStop is behind in any areas
Implement more forms of accessibility to help with user experience
Mobile version of home screen for TruePaths website
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